Reflections from Earth Orbit by Winston E. Scott

Reflections From Earth Orbit, is not your typical "how do you go to the bathroom in space" book. it is a book about his life as told through the reflections of Scott, prompted by events that occurred during his two space missions as a NASA astronaut aboard the space shuttles Endeavor and Columbia.

Reflections is Scott's way of sharing some of the experiences that drove him to overcome his life's obstacles and become one of the select few who journeyed into outer space.

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“An eloquent book that the reader will

find educational, entertaining as well as


-- Space Coalition Review, Nov 2008

"Reflections From Earth Orbit is an excellent title on several levels..."
--International Space Review, August 2005

"This book is an encouraging and motivational one, for both young people and adults."
--American Association for the Advancement of Science, Nov/Dec 2005

"Inspiring & Moving Story-A MUST READ! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Capt. Scott's book. I think many people are like me in that they have always found Space very intriguing, the next frontier. In Capt. Scott's story he takes you on your very own space adventure and you live it through his eyes. I found the mix of his personal story along with all the wonderful Space adventure to be most inspiring. He is truly living the American Dream. He dared to dream when his was a very young man and his dreams led him to the stars. You will not be able to put this book down and when you finish it you will feel like you can do anything to achieve your dreams! I can't wait for his next book! "
--T. Dunaway

"Your book is awesome, I strapped on your boots, slipped into your various flight suits and helmet and became YOU all the way through the book"

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